Deacons of First Baptist Church (“the Church”) shall be ordained to provide spiritual leadership for and service to the fellowship of the Church.  They shall guard the unity of spirit within the Church, and shall recommend establishment of policies concerning the material interests of the Church and its ministries, subject to the will of the Church.

Every Deacon of the Church is expected to seek out and occupy a chosen place of service in the Church; in addition to performing services as a Deacon.  All Deacons shall actively support, with time and finances, the work of the Lord through the various ministries of the Church.  All Deacons are expected to attend all business meetings of the Church as a matter of example and service, in supplying their voice to these deliberations.  All Deacons are expected to attend the Church worship services and perform assigned duties incident to the conduct of the Sunday services.

The Church shall elect the number of Deacons desired by the Church from time to time.  Only those persons who meet the scriptural qualifications set forth in Acts 6:1-6 and I Timothy 3:8-13, and who have been members of the Church for at least one year shall be considered.  Elections shall be by secret ballot.  The top seven candidates are screened by the Deacon Body and are presented before the Ordination Council of Deacons and then to  the Church  for ordination.  Once ordained, Deacons shall serve thereafter as long as they are faithful to their duties.  A Deacon may no longer serve if the Deacon becomes inactive until such time as the Deacon becomes faithful again, or if requested to separate from the Deacon body upon a majority vote by the Deacons present at a meeting of the Deacons with advance notice to the Deacon so voted upon.

The officers of the Deacons will be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Secretary.  They shall be elected for a period of three years. The Pastor and ministerial staff shall be notified of Deacon meetings and invited to attend.

In accordance with the New Testament, Deacons are to be servants of the Church.  The ministry of the Deacon is to serve with the Pastor and shall be to carry out God’s work in the Church and community in helping the Church members and others in the community any way they can.

There shall be no obligation to recognize a Deacon who comes to this Church from another Church of like faith, but after six months the Deacon may be considered by the Deacon body and recommended by the Deacon body to the Church.  A majority vote of the Church members present shall entitle the Deacon to serve as part of the Deacon body of this Church.

If you would like to know more about the deacons, please contact the church office.